Three Player Japanese Mahjiangg Game

Three-player Mahjong is a fast-paced Japanese variation on the classic Japanese version of Mahjiangg (Mahjong).

As the name suggests, it is a game for three players, compared to the standard game which is played by four-players.

Fewer tiles are used in three player Mahjiangg games, but the basic procedure is similar to that of the standard four-player game. The middle tiles of the Characters suit are removed, and some four-player Yaku (special hands) are discarded.

There is no "Chi" in the three-player game. In other words a player cannot complete a run of three tiles by claiming a tile from the person to his left as is the case in the four-player game.

While the four-player is widely played throughout Japan, the three-player game is a popular variation in the Chugoku region, the western part of Honshu.

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