Japanese Mahjiangg Dictionary

TILES (pai/hai- tile)

dora - special tile

Kaze - winds (Ton - East, Nan - South, Sha - West, Pei - North)

Sangenpai - dragons (Haku - blank, Hatsu - begin/go out, Chum - middle)

HAND STATUS (yaku - hand)

3's - 3 of a kind

Daburi - get Richi on first turn (+1)

flush - same suit

haite/hote - win with the last tile (+1 yaku); haite if you pick yourself, or hote

Ippatsu - Ron within 1 turn of richi (can pick yourself). Unless someone P or C your discard tile.

Jihai - letters

  • A - winds & dragons
  • P - Pon, 3 of the same tile, getting the third from another player.
  • C - Chi, 3 tiles in numeric sequence, getting the third from the player on your left.

Kan - 4 tile wall

kyoku - counting hands

menzen - -P, -C (like richi)

naku - P or C

noten - no chance to win

Richi - -P, -C, 1 tile to win(1k ante)

Ron - complete yaku; win

tenpai - 1 to finish


Ari-Ari - rule set (="exists")

Nashi-Nashi - rule set (="does not exist")


chombo - When you make a mistake that breaks the rules. Usually you end up paying 8k

Furiten - Can't have a tile in your discard pile that can finish hand.

han chan - 2 direction round

maneman - discard same tile as prior player

nakenai - negate

Ryu-Kyo-Ku - no winner

shinbunshi - like tomato, but 5 tiles

shopai - not enough

tapai - too many tiles. The only thing to do is change your hand, or pick it yourself

tomato - 2 identical tiles in discard, separated by 1 tile

Yakitori - If you don't win any hands in 2 rounds, 8k penalty, unless you are dealer on last hand, then 12k penalty.

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